25 Best Wedding Suits for Women

Not that it’s anyone’s business but yours, but there are many reasons to choose something other than a traditional wedding gown to wear on your special day. Don’t get us wrong, we’re always game to see what out-of-this-world dress a royal or Hollywood A-lister walks down the aisle in, but suits have carved out a rightful place in the zeitgeist. Many factors have likely led to the rise in popularity of the alternative espousal ensemble.

The expanding liberties of the LGBTQ+ community have certainly played a role in the mainstream acceptance of women wearing wedding suits. If Google search trends are any indication, there seems to be a correlation between progress towards marriage equality and the demand for bridal suiting. Search trends show that 2004 was the year with the highest searches on record for “women’s wedding suits,” which happens to be the same year that gay marriage was officially legalized in Massachusetts. Since then there has been a pattern of spikes following key victories for equality, but none close to that first year.

In addition to the rejection of traditional gender roles, there’s also been a movement toward crafting an individual sense of personal style. This combination of societal shifts has resulted in more women wearing pants than any other generation in their day-to- day lives, which for some is also translating to what they wear to the altar. So whether a suit is simply more aligned with your sartorial senses, affirming of your identity, or just plain comfier, we’ve found picks for a range of tastes and budgets. Ahead, 25 wedding suits that are just waiting for you to say “I do.”

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