Hyundai gives Jose Munoz more oversight of global markets

Jose Munoz, Hyundai Motor Co.‘s global COO, is being tasked with expanded oversight for the Korean automaker.

Among the additional duties: product and sales management in Africa, Europe, India and the Middle East, the automaker said Monday.

Munoz will retain his role as CEO of Hyundai Motor North America and Hyundai Motor America responsible for operations strategies, growth and performance in North, Central and South America.

But he now will additionally oversee Hyundai’s global talent recruitment and retention in its new technology-based businesses, and will work more closely with Hyundai’s venture capital firm in Silicon Valley to identify tech-focused talent in design and programming.

Munoz, 56, who joined Hyundai in 2019, additionally will join the company’s board of management, pending the approval of Hyundai’s general shareholder meeting in March 2023.

“Jose is a definitely proven leader and we expect his expanded role will greatly enhance our global operational excellence,” Hyundai Motor Co. CEO Jaehoon Chang said in a statement.

Munoz has enabled Hyundai to boost its position in the critical U.S. market during the daunting period of pandemic disruption and industry-wide supply chain problems.

At the same time, Munoz will take a seat on the board of directors for Motional, the $4 billion autonomous-driving joint venture between Hyundai Motor Group and the global tech supplier Aptiv.

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