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Today, on International Women’s Day, we celebrate the achievements and contributions of women around the world. As we recognize the progress made towards gender equality, it’s important to remember that when it comes to personal finance and investing, the rules are nothing short of universal.

Regardless of your gender, the key to successful investing lies in approaching it with the mindset of an investor, not as an individual belonging to one particular gender. In this article, we will explore why it is crucial to view investing through a gender-neutral lens and how doing so can lead to greater financial success and empowerment.

Sound investing principles

When it comes to investing, it’s essential to focus on your financial goals, risk tolerance, and investment strategy, rather than letting gender stereotypes or biases dictate your choices. By approaching investing simply as an investor, you can make more informed decisions that are based on sound financial principles rather than societal expectations.

Additionally, viewing investing through a gender-neutral lens can help break down barriers and empower women to take control of their financial futures.

Jasmine Gupta, Chief Digital Officer, Pahal Finance and Founder, MeitMoney points out, and rightly so, that investing is gender-agnostic and the rules of investing remain the same, whether it’s a man or a woman.

“The financial goals and the risk-taking ability may differ across age groups, across genders, across regions/countries. However, the art of investing remains the same. Let’s focus on the art. Let’s thrive in the same world on the same platforms. As women, we don’t need separate rules, separate platforms, and separate categories,” she explains.

Expressing similar views on this, Kresha Gupta, Founder, Chanakya Opportunities Fund, says, “Investing knows no gender boundaries, it’s a vital skill for all, regardless of background or class. Let’s break free from stereotypes and ensure that women are not just saving for a bad day. Just as women invest in gold, they can leverage capital markets for growth. From savings to success – women leading the way through inclusive investment.”

By investing with a gender-neutral mindset, you can build a diversified portfolio that reflects your individual goals and risk tolerance, rather than conforming to outdated gender norms. This approach can lead to greater financial independence and security, allowing you to achieve your long-term financial goals and pave the way for future generations of women to do the same.

So, this International Women’s Day, let us commit to viewing investing from an investor’s lens, and not as women, and take control of our financial futures with confidence and poise. Remember, the key to successful investing knows no gender – it’s all about making smart, informed choices that align with your financial goals and values.

Financial literacy and empowerment transcend societal divisions, offering everyone the same opportunities. Goals and milestones recognize no class or gender; they stand as universal beacons of achievement for all who dare to reach,” Nirali Bhansali, Fund Manager, SAMCO Mutual Fund signs off.

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