Metropoly Lets Real Estate Investment Remain Accessible Despite Rising Mortgage Rates

With interest rates on the rise, fewer people are willing to take out new mortgages to invest in real estate due to the higher cost of borrowing. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like interest rates are going to drop anytime soon, meaning the real estate market is starting to look less attractive for potential investors.

However, one platform still allows real estate investments to remain accessible despite the higher cost of borrowing for new mortgages. In fact, this new platform doesn’t require a mortgage. Nor does it require any credit checks or banks. What’s more, you can get started investing in real-world real estate with as little as $100.

Interest Rate Hikes Cause Fewer Real Estate Investments

As a result of rising inflation, a situation where the cost of goods and services increases over time, interest rates have started to climb worldwide. Central bankers in every country are starting to increase the base interest rate to help curb spending in their respective countries. Inflation occurs when people are spending too much in the economy. Increasing interest rates is one of the best methods to help reduce consumption because it makes borrowing much more expensive.

Unfortunately, increasing interest rates means that mortgage rates also start to climb, making investments in real estate much more expensive than they previously were. As a result, fewer investors are willing to take out new loans to purchase real estate, leading to a housing market slump and falling asset prices.

The bad news is that interest rates don’t look like they will start to drop any time soon, meaning that the real estate market might be closed off to the majority of investors for a number of years – due to the high-interest rates. However, one platform keeps the doors open to real estate investors without needing to go through a mortgage broker. Let’s introduce Metropoly – the world’s first NFT marketplace full of NFTs backed by real-world assets.

Metropoly Keeping Real Estate Investment Open

The Metropoly Marketplace allows users to easily invest in the real estate market in a matter of seconds, with as little as $100. The platform is designed to make real estate investment as accessible as possible and reduce the time it takes to start a property portfolio. It’s the first NFT marketplace that is fully backed by real-world assets in the form of real estate.

The great thing about the platform is that users don’t need to get a mortgage to invest in real estate, nor do they need to go to a bank or fill out any paperwork. Instead, all they need to do is to buy an NFT to start investing in real estate.

Owning one of the NFTs grants the holder all of the same rights expected when investing in real estate. For example, owners can sell their NFT on the marketplace at any time to take advantage of any capital gains on the property.

NFT holders are also entitled to their share of the rental yield at the property, which is entirely passive. The Metropoly team takes it upon themselves to ensure the property maintenance is taken care of and that there is always a tenant present paying rent. As a result, NFT holders are distributed their share of the rental income each month in stablecoins.

Metropoly Democratizing Real Estate in its Truest Sense

The idea behind the platform is to democratize investing in real estate. Anybody from anywhere in the world can purchase real estate on the Metropoly Marketplace, regardless of their location or credit history. There is no need to contact a bank to make the investment or fill out any paperwork.

This means that anybody across the globe can invest in properties in the UK, USA, and UAE for as little as $300. This is truly opening up the doors to everybody, allowing them to start investing in an asset class that allowed the world’s wealthiest 1% of individuals to grow their wealth.

Presale Price Hikes Incoming

The Metropoly Preasle is currently selling the METRO token at a price of $0.0625 per token. So far, the presale has attracted over $600,000 worth of investment and almost 1,900 investors. Once the presale hits the next milestone, set at $1 million, the price for the METRO token will increase. Therefore, those that invest earlier stand to benefit from the increasing price mechanics once the presale is complete and the token hits exchanges.

The METRO token is the main fuel for the platform and will be used as a payment and reward method. The ERC-20 token has been audited by CertiK, and investors are required to make a minimum purchase of at least $100.

The real estate-backed NFT marketplace is just the beginning for Metropoly. They also intend to release a launchpad that will allow investors to buy property in the early stages of development and create a mortgage lending platform, allowing NFT holders to take loans against their real estate.

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