NFL Draft ‘Quick-Snap’ Draft Grades: New England Patriots ‘Experts’ Smarter Than Bill Belichick?

OK, we get it: Media “experts” are smarter about the NFL Draft than Bill Belichick.

There. You happy?

It’s ridiculous, of course. What the New England Patriots did (or did not) accomplish in the 2022 NFL Draft (info here) cannot accurately be judged today.

At all.

And along those lines … Here’s a take I have never heard before: is saying that the evaluators shouldn’t try to judge teams’ picks in the long-term, but rather, that immediate snap judgments provide a clearer picture.


Writes Chad Reuter: “Grading teams’ drafts immediately after the event is necessary in order to provide the proper evaluation of their actions in the moment. Waiting three years to evaluate draft classes, without accounting for how the decision was viewed at the time, usually leads to revisionist history.”

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