Saturday , September 24 2022

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Oklahomans spend 2 weeks’ salary per month on mortgage

Credit: The average homeowner in Oklahoma must work 72 hours each month to keep a roof overhead, a new report finds. The bad news is Oklahomans are spending nearly two weeks’ salary on their mortgage payment, considerably more than the long-standing rule that people should spend no more than …

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NH financial adviser answers questions on investing, saving

Financial adviser answers questions on investing, saving, retirement planning Updated: 5:09 PM EDT Sep 21, 2022 Financial adviser Sean Tole answered questions Wednesday about how to deal with the inflation and rising interest rates in today’s economy.Tole answered questions about preparing for the possibility of unemployment, whether people should make …

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Buyers are paying ‘well above sticker’

Forget getting a deal; these days, anyone in the market for a new car could pay thousands over the sticker price before they drive off the lot. Limited inventory due to a persistent shortage of computer chips, along with other supply-chain challenges, helped propel new car prices up 10% from …

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How experts are dealing with the cost of living crisis

Many of us have already turned down our thermostats, ensured we always switch the lights off when we leave a room and swapped to own-brand products at the supermarket. These small changes all make a difference — but what now? The price of everything from groceries to fuel continues to …

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