Saturday , September 24 2022

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What the inverted yield curve means for your portfolio

Morsa Images | E+ | Getty Images As investors digest another 0.75 percentage point interest rate hike by the Federal Reserve, government bonds may be signaling distress in the markets. Ahead of news from the Fed, the policy-sensitive 2-year Treasury yield climbed to 4.006% on Wednesday, the highest level since …

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Several million people may not have enough

Thanks to inflation, you’re likely paying more for just about everything these days, and car insurance is no exception. Insurers have increased rates by an average of 4.9% so far this year, according to data from S&P Global Market Intelligence, and costs for consumers will likely continue rising, say analysts …

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Buyers are paying ‘well above sticker’

Forget getting a deal; these days, anyone in the market for a new car could pay thousands over the sticker price before they drive off the lot. Limited inventory due to a persistent shortage of computer chips, along with other supply-chain challenges, helped propel new car prices up 10% from …

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Bill addresses Social Security benefit payouts to public servants

Monkeybusinessimages | Istock | Getty Images Millions of Americans may receive reduced Social Security benefits if they worked in public roles as teachers, firefighters, police or government workers. Now a proposal in Congress to eliminate the rules that cause those benefit reductions is moving forward. But experts say it’s still …

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