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Nowadays, weddings are generally way less traditional than they used to be — except when they’re deeply religious. They’re a personal moment, an occasion designed to celebrate union but dictated by individual preferences. As such, there’s no real code governing what the groom or groomsmen wear. Sure, a suit or a tuxedo is a start, but the colors, fit and finer details are all up to those in charge.

As such, so too is deciding which suit it is the groomsmen must wear. It’s best to offer directions as early as possible, because although brands have gotten better at supplying suits last minute, you don’t want a single groomsmen to stand out because theirs didn’t arrive in time.

What to Know

Rent or Buy?

Although it might seem lazy or a waste of money, my advice is to always rent the groomsmen’s suits. Asking your close friends to spend a couple hundred bucks on a suit they’ll wear once is a quite the ask. Although you could choose a suit they’d get more mileage out of, it’s easiest to order one that really works for your wedding — and your wedding only.

Renting the suit gives you more flexibility to adhere to a theme or color scheme without worrying about whether or not everyone involved will wear theirs again. Renting is generally cheaper, too, and brands often make shipping the suit back as easy as possible by providing boxes, prepaid labels and even bags to drop them into. (They don’t care about wrinkles or stains, I swear.)

Who Pays?

Who foots the bill? While the bride and groom might cover the best man and maid of honor, typically groomsmen get their own suits. However, no matter which route you go, try ordering all of the suits in bulk. Some stores offer group discounts.

When to Order

As mentioned earlier, most wedding-dedicated suiting brands offer rush delivery. Weddings are a momentous occasion, so they’re almost always approached with urgency. However, you should get your order in as soon as you can to accommodate shipping delays, size issues and other order errors.

Add Accessories

Socks are a common addition to most groomsmen suits — and not just because you shouldn’t wear dress shoes without them. They’re a method of self expression, a way of incorporating something important to the group into their wedding attire.

More Wedding Info

    The Best Places to Buy Wedding Suits

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The Black Tux is a newer entrant into the wedding industry, but it’s swinging big with options you can both buy and rent. The brand was founded in 2012 as an alternative to traditional wedding retailers, which the founders considered stale. And they were right. Wedding rentals have gotten infinitely better since they entered the game. Nowadays, though, The Black Tux remains a smart option, as both the suits you can buy and the rentals are high-quality, full-canvas construction suits.

Buy or Rent: Both
Price: $149 (rent), $550 (buy)


Indochino doesn’t offer suits for rent, but the ones available to buy are some of the best on this list. Sure, they start at $449 dollars, but you can probably order one you’ll wear to several weddings, or one really, really extravagant one; maybe the bride and groom have high standards, or an unlimited budget. Either way, you can’t go wrong with Indochino. Its collection of wedding suits and tuxedos comprises a ton of fits, several colors and a bunch of materials, making it a one-stop shop for most tastes.

Buy or Rent: Buy
Price: $449+


Generation Tux is a new brand founded by Men’s Wearhouse founder George Zimmer. (He was fired in 2013 for reportedly expressing concerns over the quality of Men’s Wearhouse’s products.) He launched Generation Tux as an alternative to the antiqued industry he knew inside and out. It would be easier, more affordable and better-looking. And it is. You can assemble your outfits in an app that tracks your order using your email.

Buy or Rent: Rent
Price: $149+


SuitShop provides, well, suits in six different colors and two different fits. You’ll order every item individually, which means you can adjust the sizing of the suit jacket and pants to your liking. If you need a slim, short jacket but regular, modern pants, you can do that. (But I wouldn’t always recommend mixing and matching too much.)

Buy or Rent: Buy
Price: $149+


Moss Bros is a UK-born brand that offers rentals with same- and next-day delivery. Its US offshoot, though, only supplies ones you can buy. It also doesn’t make every suit it sells. There’s a mix of established brands and in-house designs, which means you could get an expensive suit for way less through them.

Buy or Rent: Buy
Price: $339+


Ah, old faithful. There are Men’s Wearhouse stores in most cities, making this an ideal choice for grooms with groomsmen living in different parts of the country. You can pick a rental or one to buy and provide the product code to each groomsmen to go pick up in person. The company provides IRL fitting or a fitting assistant online and a wide array of fits, colors and sizes.

Buy or Rent: Both
Price: $99+


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