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After four platinum albums, and even more hit singles, it’s clear DJ Khaled has an ear for a good collaboration. Soon after meeting the oral care experts at Aurezzi, he could sense they were onto something gold.

“When I got with the team is when I got really excited, because they were so passionate about it,” the Grammy winner recently told Robb Report. “I’m a type of person, if I’m going to do something, I don’t know how to do anything halfway. And that’s what I felt with them, they were going all in the project.”

A couple of years later and Khaled is now a shareholder in Aurezzi, a Swiss operation that bills itself as the world’s first luxury oral care brand. To mark the partnership, he teamed up with the company on a new gold toothbrush set that includes gold-infused toothpaste and mouthwash.

The DJ Khaled X Aurezzi Gold Set

The DJ Khaled X Aurezzi Gold Set


At the center of the set is a toothbrush that was hand-crafted in Switzerland. It’s a manual model (Khaled likes to be sure he’s “really getting the job done” himself) much like the brush you used growing up. There’s one big exception: it’s plated in 24-karat gold. Thanks to its unique finish, the brush will look good on any countertop, especially when placed in its matching stand. Just as opulent are the creamy toothpaste and the alcohol-free mouthwash, both of which contain 24-karat gold particles. The former has hydroxyapatite—which researchers claim is more effective than fluoride at preventing tooth sensitivity—to help rebuild the surface of your teeth, while the latter was formulated to inhibit bacteria and remineralize teeth.

Aurezzi’s brush is as functional as it is stylish. The company was founded by Noel Abdayem, the dentist behind The Humble Co., which makes eco-conscious toothbrushes that go for about $6 apiece. The head of the brush is densely packed with over 5,000 soft or medium bristles to ensure your gums are getting a thorough cleaning. (On the teeth and gums, it feels not unlike other toothbrushes, but the gold plating gives it a slight heft that other manual brushes don’t have.)

DJ Khaled with Aurezzi's toothbrush and mouthwash


“When we speak about luxury—it’s a lifestyle,” Khaled told us, underscoring the point. “And luxury is not just something that you flaunt and show, luxury is the way you move.”

The DJ Khaled X Aurezzi 24-karat gold oral care series is available to order now through the brand’s website. The entire set costs $171, but you can also buy each item separately. The toothbrush is $59, the stand $49, the toothpaste $49, and the show-stopping mouthwash at $49. But if you don’t love yellow gold as much as Khaled, fret not. The brush and stand are also available in rose gold and silver for the same prices.

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