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Michelle Cornelia

Looking to craft Crystals and Jewelry for your Sims? Find out how to get Crystals and Metals in The Sims 4 to get you started.

The latest Sims 4 stuff pack, Crystal Creations, brings players a fresh experience in the world of Gemology. Through the all-new Gemology table, players can now create their own Crystals and even personalized Jewelry.

These exquisite and dazzling items aren’t just for decorations or for Sims to wear, though, as they also provide various buffs to your Sims in the game.

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However, similar to other games that involve crafting, players will have to find and collect Crystals and Metals to get started. If you’d like to know where to get Crystals and Metals in The Sims 4, read on.

Where to find Crystals and Metals in The Sims 4

A screenshot featuring a Crystal spawn location in The Sims 4.EA

Crystal spawn location in the Willow Creek Park.

Fortunately, getting your hands on Crystals and Metals doesn’t require anything complicated. With the Crystal Creations pack, you’ll be able to obtain them with these methods: 

  • Purchase them from The All-In-One Gemology Table by Humphrey
  • Dig rocks in Willow Creek and Oasis Spring parks
  • Harvest them from the Crystal Tree (requires Gemology skill level 3)

For starters, you’ll need to purchase The All-In-One Gemology Table by Humphrey for 650 Simoleons to get started on your Crystal and Jewelry crafting journey.

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When you interact with this table, there’ll be an option to select which Crystal and Metal you’d like to use, and if you haven’t owned them yet, you can buy them straight from the table’s interface.

The price of Crystals and Metals ranges depending on their rarity. So, if you’d like to save money, finding them yourself in Willow Creek and Oasis Spring Parks is also a solid option. Keep an eye out for protruding rocks around these areas, which your Sims can dig.

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Lastly, once you’ve managed to get your Gemology skill to level three, your Sim will be able to plant a Crystal Tree from a Crystal Seed. This tree allows your Sims to collect random Crystals at the convenience of their home.

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