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When you think about playing a pirate game like Skull And Bones, one of the first thoughts is of becoming as rich as possible. Be it money from stealing, plundering, or trading, getting a ton of Silver is one of the main goals you’ll have in this game.


Skull And Bones: How To Find And Harvest Acacia

Locate Acacia trees on the map, master the harvesting minigame, and stockpile wood like a true pirate.

As soon as you start browsing various shops in the game, you’ll realize that not even a needle moves without Silver. You’ll have to pay this to both acquire blueprints and get the respective items made, so here are some of the best ways to rack up on it.

Main Story And Side Quests

Skull And Bones Accepting A Main Story From Scurlock

While playing Skull And Bones, you have to follow the main story until you get to Sainte-Anne and get your first ship. However, after you get the ship, the choice is yours if you want to explore the map or continue the missions. However, if you want to get a good supply of Silver in the early game, continuing these missions is your best bet.

This is because you won’t be able to make use of most of the other methods mentioned here until you upgrade a little and get higher levels on the ship. Both main and side missions can be seen with distinct icons on the map, and you can see the silver reward you’ll get by finishing it.

Plundering Ships And Settlements

Skull And Bones Plundering A Faction

You can take part in ship combat as soon as you get your first ship, but make sure the target ship is either the same level or lower before attacking. While traversing the waters, you’ll commonly pass various ships from different factions. Scouting these ships with a spyglass lets you know how much Silver you’ll get after sinking them.

Be mindful though, every ship and tower from the faction will start attacking you for a bit if you attack their ship. If you’re still at a low level, it’s recommended to not attack any ship if there are multiple ships or towers present from that faction. After getting level four or higher, you can also take part in plundering various settlements across the map.

It’s recommended to call for help
before you start plundering a settlement
since it’s much easier with other players.

Once you start plundering, you’ll constantly have to battle faction ships and towers nearby. The level and strength of reinforcements depend on the number of hostility symbols you have from the faction (seen on the top right side of the screen).

Doing Shipwreck Rounds

Skull And Bones Getting Treasure From Shipwreck

While looking at the map of Skull And Bones, you can zoom in all the way to find various items on the shores including shipwrecks. These are scattered all around the map and they stay at the same location. Once you get close to a shipwreck, you can force it open using the right Crowbar and get a bunch of goodies including Silver.

The amount of items you get depends on how well you perform in the minigame. Moreover, some Shipwrecks require higher-tier Crowbars, and you’ll have to craft them before you can break them open. The best part about this method is that you don’t specifically have to look for them since you can just get them on your way of doing something else.

Commodity Sale

Skull And Bones Selling Commodity To Commodity Trader-1

Talking about methods that you can use to get Silver without paying specific attention to them, Commodities are one of the main sources of Silver both early and late game. You can get different commodities whenever you sink a ship, finish a quest, plunder a settlement, or scavenge from a shipwreck. When you look at your cargo, you’ll be able to see commodities written under certain items.

These items aren’t generally used for crafting, and you can freely sell them to the merchants willing to pay a high price for them. The best place to sell these commodities is the Commodity Traders found in every outpost. Depending on the owner faction of the outpost, certain commodities might give you higher value while others give you low value.

Bounty Quests And Job Board

Skull And Bones Pirate Looking At The Job Board

Once you get even further into the game and reach ship level six or above, you can start taking part in the high-tier jobs from the Job Board or Bounty Quest. Both of these are opened for you quite early, but most of the tasks in them require you to be high-level. Keep in mind that you have a time limit for finishing these tasks as well.

The Job Board contains various kinds of jobs including smuggling or trading while the bounty quests involve finding and defeating a certain captain. The bounty captains usually have higher hitpoints and damage compared to the other ships you’ll find with the same level. Make sure you’re filled up on cannonballs and food before taking on these battles.

Cutthroat Cargo Event

Skull And Bones Legendary Treasure Icon On The Map

As you might already know, PvP is optional in Skull And Bones. You can attack another player’s ship when you’re traversing unsafe waters, but it won’t do any damage to them. However, there’s an event called Cutthroat Cargo that allows you to enable PvP. In this mode, you have to find a Legendary Treasure Map at a certain location within the given time.

After acquiring the map, head to the respective outpost while avoiding other players and you can dig up the treasure there. If you successfully beat this event, you can easily get over 9,000 Silver in one go alongside a bunch of rare items.


8 Things We Wish We Knew Before Starting Skull And Bones

These tips will get you on your journey to becoming a fearsome pirate.

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