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Today’s drilling results from Zgounder, including holes ZG-SF-23-084 and ZG-SF-23-092, have marked a significant shift in geological expectations, according to Benoit La Salle, President & CEO of Aya Gold & Silver Inc. These findings showcase high-grade silver mineralization in rhyolite, a geological setting previously deemed barren, hence paving the way for expansive exploration and potential resource expansion.

For the first time, native silver mineralization has been confirmed within the rhyolitic unit at Zgounder, challenging previous geological models and suggesting a broader mineralized envelope than initially thought. With four underground rigs now operational, the focus shifts towards deepening the understanding of this mineralization and its implications for future mining endeavours.

Exploratory Breakthroughs

Recent exploration efforts at Zgounder have unveiled surprising results. The discovery of significant native silver mineralization within rhyolite layers, particularly in holes ZG-SF-23-084 and ZG-SF-23-092, has overturned longstanding geological predictions. This revelation not only validates the high-grade nature of Zgounder’s silver deposits near the granite contact but also highlights the untapped potential within the rhyolite, thereby expanding the frontier for mineral exploration and resource estimation.

Technological and Methodological Advancements

The process of uncovering these deposits involved a sophisticated combination of core and definition drilling, utilizing both underground DDH and surface DDH, alongside T28 and YAK drilling techniques. A rigorous quality control protocol ensured the reliability of the assay results, which consistently surpassed the silver cut-off grade of 75 g/t Ag. This methodological rigor, underpinned by advanced drilling technology, has been instrumental in delineating the high-grade silver zones and setting new benchmarks for exploration accuracy at Zgounder.

Implications for Future Mining Operations

The implications of these findings are twofold. Firstly, they significantly enhance the geological understanding of Zgounder, indicating that the mineralization extends beyond the previously explored areas. This could potentially lead to an increase in the estimated mineral resources at Zgounder, thereby extending the mine’s lifespan and enhancing its overall value. Secondly, this discovery underscores the need for a revised exploration strategy that takes into consideration the newfound potential of rhyolitic units for hosting valuable mineralization. As exploration continues, the focus will likely shift towards these previously overlooked geological settings, potentially leading to further discoveries and the re-evaluation of existing models.

This groundbreaking discovery at Zgounder not only showcases the untapped potential of its mineral resources but also reaffirms Aya Gold & Silver Inc.’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge exploration techniques to unearth value and drive sustainable growth. As the exploration landscape at Zgounder evolves, so too does the promise of unlocking further geological secrets, setting the stage for a new era of mining innovation and economic opportunity in Morocco.

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