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While no official word about it has been given, a new rumor claims that a Silver Surfer project is still in the works at Marvel Studios.

Per scooper Daniel Richtman, the project in question is moving forward and will eventually happen after Norrin Radd pops up in The Fantastic Four, though as of now, plot details about the project are under wraps. Additionally, as neither Marvel nor Disney have confirmed it, this news should be taken with a grain of salt.


Silver Surfer Rebirth: Legacy Brings Back the Mightiest Version of Marvel’s Cosmic Champion

One of the most powerful versions of the Silver Surfer makes his way back onto the pages of Marvel Comics.

It had been previously reported that the project would be a Special Presentation and that it would release before The Fantastic Four. However, a later rumor declared that a Silver Surfer series was afoot at Disney+, with The Fantastic Four director Matt Shakman serving as executive producer, while a more recent one professed that The Fantastic Four would set up the project.

The Fantastic Four Movie Is Moving Forward

Concerning The Fantastic Four itself, Ben Grimm/the Thing actor Ebon Moss-Bachrach touched upon how the Idol of Millions will be depicted, avowing, “I don’t think it’s the suit. Michael Chiklis wore a suit. Apparently, the suit was really uncomfortable. We’re past that I think. It’s a little cosplay and amateur now with the technology. It’s mostly performance capture.”


Silver Surfer and Captain Marvel’s Son Get a Cosmic Mission in Marvel’s New Series

The Silver Surfer andl Captain Marvel’s son, Legacy, are sent out on a cosmic mission in a new Marvel miniseries from Ron Marz and Ron Lim.

Before this, Oppenheimer star David Krumholtz stated that he met with Shakman to pitch himself as the Thing, noting, “It’s been a big, sort of unabashedly craven goal of mine to be part of the MCU in some way. I met Matt Shakman for Ben Grimm. I only met him on the strength of a Twitter post or an Instagram post that I then took down two hours after I posted it.”

“I was embarrassed,” concluded Krumholtz. “My post said, ‘I just want to be in the conversation.’ And it was a picture of the Thing, and Matt saw it somehow. And I had a meeting with him and we discussed it. And I’ve never been so bold in a meeting before, just begging for the role, just straight up selling the s— out of it, the idea of how committed and passionate I was for it. But obviously that didn’t happen.”

Additionally, Reed Richard/Mister Fantastic actor Pedro Pascal discussed starring in The Fantastic Four. “I can tell you how excited I am, which is beyond,” commented Pascal. “There isn’t anything more exciting than being in a cast like that. To be invited to a family like that is unbelievable, and we all just want to do our best and share it with the world.”

The Silver Surfer project currently does not have a release date. The Fantastic Four opens in theaters on July 25, 2025.

Source: Daniel Richtman

Marvel Studios' Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four

One of Marvel’s most iconic families makes it back to the big screen, the Fantastic Four.

Matt Shakman

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July 25, 2025

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