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In 1963, a hoard of treasure was discovered in Spain. It was called the Treasure of Villena. The hoard contained a total of 59 objects all made from various metals like iron and amber including precious metals like gold and silver. Recently, a report was published that said that the items in the treasure may have been crafted by an extraterrestrial metal! Yes! You read that right! Here are all of the important details that you would want to know about this recent report.

Treasure Of Villena May Be Made From Extraterrestrial Metal

According to an article which was recently published by WION, the researchers who discovered this treasure noticed quite a few curious features about some iron items. The report was by Live Science and the researchers said that they seemed to be carved from some dark leaden metal.

The researchers also said that certain parts of the items were shiny whereas the others were coated with a ferrous-looking oxide. This oxide was also mostly cracked.

A recent study revealed that two of the items in the hoard seem to have been made from iron whose origin can be traced back to a meteorite which fell on Earth around a million years ago. They studied the two objects, one was a C-shaped bracelet and the other was a hollow sphere with a gold sheet.

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More About This Hoard Of Treasure Found 60 Years Ago

The study has revealed that these two items were created somewhere between 1400 and 1200 BCE. Not much else is known about their origin. It is not known who created these pieces and where they originated.

It is important to note, however, that these two have now become the first as well as the oldest known meteoritic iron found in the Iberian peninsula. One of the researchers cited in the WION article stated that since the composition of the material is quite similar, it is likely that the two pieces came from the same meteorite.

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Cover Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

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