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Return to Philadelphia Airport and the American Airlines Admirals Club (B/C)
Polishing Silver

Enough of Rocky and other things. It’s time to get back to the business of travel and enjoy my first encounter with the TSA on this trip. Oh, goody.

At least there’s a lounge at the end of this rainbow. As well as a delayed inbound service.

San Francisco Trip Report "Polishing Silver" Trip Report

In this Tier Point-laden adventure

Back to Philadelphia Airport, American Airlines Lounge

While the train may operate every 30 minutes or so to the airport, at least there is a stop per terminal at Philadelphia Airport, reducing the walking distance. That’s good to see.

a train at a station

a train with a door

Arriving back at the airport, I headed up from the platform level to head to security. I’ve found Security at Philadelphia airport to be… what’s the politest term? Variable.

a train tracks and a sign on a window
At least it didn’t queue as far back here. 

I lined up and followed the queues.

a person standing next to a sign

Thankfully, at the C Gates, the lines were moving fast. With my identity checked and confirmed, I was allowed to line up for a security machine. These are the traditional X-ray machines, as opposed to CT Machines. However, the teams were working fast, and I was done and dusted with the process in under 10 minutes.

I’ll take that as a win for a US Airport.

a sign on a wall

From here, I was on the hunt for the lounge – as I would need to catch up with a few people before I headed off, as well as a sit-down.

a escalator in a building

Leg work is important – but resting now and then is not a bad idea.

Eventually, I found my way to the American Airlines B/C lounge and headed up the escalators.

It was time to see what nibbles there were pre-flight. Although later, that would be more than a good thing.

American Airlines Admirals Club
B/C Lounge

a sign on a wall

I was welcomed to the Adrmials Club, with both my boarding pass and Oneworld Credentials checked for entry. The agent also checked my flight, as I noted it had been delayed. It seemed that the inbound flight had been swapped – so a flight from Phoenix to Philadelphia would be arriving at 19:45, with an anticipated boarding time of 20:00.

Optimistic, worth a giggle.

With that, I was informed that there was a guacamole station in the lounge and sent on my way.

Walking around the lounge – it’s how I remember this place. I’ve been stuck here before for hours on end in the past, and this place hasn’t changed much in the intervening time.

people sitting in a lobby

a group of people sitting at tables in a room with chairs and a television

a room with a large window and a group of people sitting at tables

a group of brown leather chairs in a room with large windows

That’s good in a familiar term. However it was Friday, so the lounge was pretty busy when I arrived. Eventually, I found a window seat and settled in.

a lamp on a table
Sometimes, wires dangle( Taken when the lounge was much quieter.

The lounge is a typical Admirals Club lounge as opposed to the Flagship lounges that are dotted around the system – so this lounge has some food options (thankfully) including salads, a chicken dish and soup as hot menu items.

Although stuff moved fast in this place.

There was also a smashed guacamole station offering snacks for an hour while I was there. I’m not the biggest avocado fan in the world, so I passed on that wonder.

A lot of the drinks offered were on free-pour, however, if you wanted anything with a bit of alcohol, these were barkeeper-served. That’s fine, to be honest – given the number of people that go through this hub, free alcohol could well bump up the cost of a first or business-class ticket without trying.

a glass of water with a lime wedge on a table

As for the food options… they were… what the term I’m going to use… present. They were topped up a few times whilst I was there – a good thing too as they seemed to be decimated the moment a fresh plate of nubbles headed out.

a person holding a napkin in a case
Even the Brownies were in high demand. 

a tray of food on a counter
Thankfully refilled. 

a pan of food on a stove
Chicken and Broccoli 

a group of containers of food

a pot of soup with a ladle

This is where further reasonable quality dining options would come in. American offers these as a paid option – but honestly, I saw zero take-up of them whilst in the lounge. I guess the concept of people parting money for food is a foreign one.

Internet connectivity was passable – with it protected by a password. It was good enough for a WhatsApp video call or two (but yes, use earbuds like polite people do – don’t scream into your phone and have the speaker on so everyone can hear your conversation).

a speedometer with numbers and a speedometer

I settled in and relaxed a bit, charging devices and such as I knew I had a long flight ahead – and wasn’t exactly sure what I would be doing on this flight.

Given the time I had been awake, sleep was high on the agenda at that point – but having a charged phone along with a few other things is never a bad idea.

With boarding time nearing, I headed down from the lounge and slowly followed the signs for the C Gates. It’s been several years since I passed here, so I allowed for the time to navigate my way around.

a woman walking in a building

And of course, I walked, rather than using the express walkways.  I’ve got to pay more attention some days.

The C Pier is easy to find – and thankfully, everything is reasonably signed through the terminal – so there were minimal excuses to get lost.

a person with a green suitcase in a airport

Heading to the gate, C28 was packed out with both seated and standing passengers – it looked like it was a full flight heading out to the West Coast that evening.


people walking in a building
The road to nowhere.

a group of people walking in an airport
More choose your own adventure.

I took a seat, as this mele looked to be one to keep out of until boarding was ready to begin.

Eventually, the groups started being called forward. I was called forward to Group 2, where my boarding pass was zapped.

people in a room with luggage

With that done, I was allowed down the jetway.

a sign in a building

Let’s go to San Francisco.


American Airlines 2663 Philadelipah to San Francisco. Oh, Dearie. Me. 

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