A BMW driver smashed into six cars head-first at high speed this week and various cameras caught the accident. Here’s a breakdown of the videos available and what police say about the resulting situation.

The crash happened on Thursday around 8 a.m. and involved more than just the six vehicles hit in the final collision. Video from one dashcam shows the same BMW 3-Series sedan sideswiping the camera car and then appearing to bounce off of the curb. It continues down the road at higher speeds than the cars around it.

Two different cameras captured the moment when it smashed into traffic headed in the opposite direction. One from a nearby parking lot shows the accordion-like impact as cars and car parts fly up into the air during the impact. A second video from a camera in the melee is even more dramatic.

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It appears to come from the integrated camera aboard a Tesla Model 3. In the video, we see traffic coming to a stop and in the distance, the BMW approaching. There’s no indication in the video that the driver ever attempted to brake or change direction. Instead, the BMW 3-Series only stops after hitting the Tesla and five other cars.

According to local news outlet KTLA, Glendale police confirmed that no serious injuries occurred. In addition, they’re still investigating the situation but so far haven’t arrested anyone in connection with the crash. That could very well be due to the BMW driver having some sort of medical event, although no info has been provided by the police.

Regardless of the reason, it’s a testament to just how far safety technology has come. For everyone to escape this crash without serious injury is almost miraculous. 

Screenshot KTLA/YouTube