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New research has found that garages offering MOT tests are charging some drivers more than others, based purely on their gender.

Based on a survey of more than 4,000 people across the UK, it was found that women are charged five per cent more on average than men for vehicle maintenance.

Experts have blasted the findings of the research, saying it was clear evidence of “pink prejudice”.

As part of the data, Caura conducted a blind survey, requesting quotes for an MOT or service using the names “Emma” and “Edward”, with each garage contacted by different people using the same vehicle.

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MOT test

The data found that women are charged more for car repairs


Out of 100 garages contacted, a total of 70 garages responded to both calls, with the experts highlighting the significant gender disparity in the quotes provided.

For a service, “Edward” was quoted £229 on average, whereas “Emma” was quoted £241 on average – representing a five per cent increase for females.

The most concerning price quoted by a garage was a staggering 265 per cent premium, where “Emma” was quoted nearly three times (£475) more than “Edward” who was given a £130 quote for identical work.

Similarly, when calling garages, “Emma” was charged £49 for an MOT quote, while “Edward” was charged £48 – a two per cent increase.

Janice Pang, head of vehicle maintenance at Caura, said the data highlights systemic issues within the automotive sector, with urgent measures needed to address the problem.

She said: “Cars don’t judge their drivers whether they’re male or female, so why should garages?

“A one per cent increase in price [when looking at male versus female] in either gender swing is wrong, but when our research shows a five per cent increase [on average] on like-for-like pricing, we were shocked by prejudice in pricing for women.”

Almost six in 10 women agree that garages are more catered towards men, while 65 per cent of people aged between 18 and 24 agree with the statement.

​Nearly half of women who took part in the survey said they felt rushed to approve additional work to their car, while a further 45 per cent said they were confused when doing it.

Around 83 per cent of women said this was not down to the terminology but rather that garages have purposefully obfuscated information and pressured them into making hasty decisions.

Janice Pang added: “When our users shop for vehicle maintenance in-app, the pricing is transparent and upfront which guarantees there is no bias.

“Further, Caura also checks pricing for all additional repairs identified by a garage to ensure it is sensible for the type of work recommended.


MOT test

Women were also charged more for an MOT test


“This ensures that costs are based solely on the vehicle’s needs and not influenced by the gender of the customer, promoting fairness and equality in every in-app interaction.”

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