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Polygon has introduced its type 1 prover technology, which will be released later this year. The prover will enable EVM-compatible chains to implement zero-knowledge proofs without requiring hard forks or client adjustments. 

According to Polygon co-founder Brendan Farmer, the type 1 prover can seamlessly generate proofs for any EVM chain. This aims to help side chains and optimistic rollups transition into validiums, a form of Layer 2 leveraging zero-knowledge proofs for efficiency and lower costs.

Unlike zk-rollups, validiums only store proofs on Ethereum, with transaction data off-chain. Projects can also switch to full zk-rollups with the new prover if desired. Adopting zero-knowledge networks eliminates the seven-day withdrawal delay of optimistic rollups, saving users time and money.

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The upcoming AggLayer protocol will connect chains after the zk transition, promising to unite liquidity and interoperability for Layer 2s. Launching in February, AggLayer is a core component of Polygon 2.0, delivering consistent security for modular and monolithic chains in Polygon’s ecosystem.

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