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JAKARTA – Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin again mentioned the concerns and suspicions of the United States (US) about car products from China, especially electric cars being exaggerated.

“Branishing what is referred to as China’s ‘threat to data security’ is just a fabrication of reasons to justify US actions in oppressing China,” Wang Wenbin said while delivering information to the media in Beijing, China.

This was conveyed in response to the statement of the United States Trade Minister Gina Raimondo who said electric cars from China could one day be driven on US roads if there was sufficient control by the US Government over the software and sensors in the cars.

The statement was made by Raimondo in an interview with the media during his visit to the Philippines on Monday (11/3).

“The US has used the so-called data security as a pretext to limit the flow of data to countries deemed suspicious and announce investigations into related vehicles to certain countries,” said Wang Wenbin.

The move, said Wang Wenbin, meant abusing the concept of national security and aimed at suppressing the development of companies from other countries.

“We hope the US will take concrete action to keep a business environment open, fair and non-discriminatory and cooperate with other parties to formulate universal data security rules and make a positive contribution to the free data stream around the world,” Wang Wenbin explained.

China, said Wang Wenbin, has never abused regulatory restrictions to target certain countries or companies.

“We welcome companies from all countries and ‘platforms’, all kinds of products and services to the Chinese market as long as they comply with Chinese laws and regulations,” added Wang Wenbin.

According to Wang Wenbin, in the electric vehicle industry chain, various parties have interrelated interests.

“China’s success in the electric vehicle industry is the success of globalization. Chinese electric vehicles are widely accepted in the world not because they use subsidies, but by trying to improve quality and reduce costs,” said Wang Wenbin.

Wang Wenbin also said that electric vehicles from China also contribute to environmentally friendly and low-carbon global development.

“China is committed to high standard openness and upholds market economic principles and WTO regulations. We are ready to provide an open, inclusive, transparent, and non-discriminatory business environment for companies from all countries that carry out trade and investment cooperation in China, this position remains unchanged,” added Wang Wenbin.

In addition to using batteries as a substitute for gasoline for power sources, electric vehicles are currently also equipped with driving assistance software and entertainment facilities in cars connected to users’ cellphones.

This raised concerns about data collection as stated by the White House at the end of February which said the Commerce Department would investigate whether imported electric vehicles from China pose a national security risk.

Raimundo said it was to protect the US people from the threats posed by China.

Concerns about the potential data access to people in the US are also encouraging US legislators to consider a bill plan (RUU) that could prohibit TikTok social media apps from operating in the US. TikTok is owned by China-based ByteDance.

Raimundo also said that US efforts to secure supply chains, especially in the semiconductor sector, “made significant progress”.

During his two-day visit to the Philippines, Raimundo led a delegation of 22 senior executives from a US non-profit business and organization that announced $1 billion (approximately IDR 15.49 trillion) of new investment in the Philippines.

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