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We all know the power a shiny nail can bring. No matter your aesthetic, a chrome silver or gold paint exudes glam to the highest level. But what if you’re always torn between the two? Well, good news: You don’t have to choose. Following a rise in mixed metal jewelry in 2023, wearing multiple metal shades on your nails is officially on-trend. The look is exactly as is sounds, as it involves combining different shades of gold, bronze, and silver on your nails for one stunning, futuristic look.


Just as one metal shade instantly upgrades your look with a little shimmer and a whole lot of glamour, mixing your metals will take that concept to the next level. And since metallics are considered neutrals, the look is surprisingly versatile and can really complement your outfit and jewelry choices. In other words, no more worrying about having to stick to silver jewelry to go with your silver nails.

And there really are countless ways to try this trend. That’s why we’re sharing some of our very favorite mixed metal manicures to give you some inspo.

Mixed metal stars will give you plenty of options

One of the most dazzling ways to play with mixed metals is to try a little nail art. While pastel polish is suitable for painting florals, silver and gold are just perfect for adding little stars. The playful design looks neat on both long and short nails, and is easy to achieve with a basic stencil or nail stickers. If you want something a little more understated, paint silver and gold stars over a neutral base. If you want something more eye catching, layer your metallic stars in different shades over a purple or dark blue base. The end effect will look like galaxy on your fingertips. 


Metallic chrome with embellishments can be oh so glamorous

Channel the futuristic, steampunk look of mixed metal with a shiny chrome base and three-dimensional embellishments. Using gold as your canvas can be a great choice for this, as that leaves you open to add silver embellishments such as rhinestones, silver balls, bows, or anything else you can imagine.


Metal swirls can also make a statement

For a subtler take on the trend, try silver and gold colored swirls on the edges of the nail tips. This is another chance to let your creative side out, as you can apply metallic shapes over a nude base for a more scaled down manicure, or add a couple of layers of color over a contrasting metallic base to take it to shiny extremes. The rounded design softens some of the intensity of the metallic shades and is a fun variation on what could just be an ordinary metallic French manicure.


Bring mixed metals to a French manicure for a more understated look

If you don’t want to go too over the top, a metallic French manicure is an easy way to get some silver and gold on your talons. This look is great for those who prefer to stick to the classic look, but still want an on-trend twist. You can try changing it up with mixed metals on the tips, or go all out with a different shade on the end of each nail. You could also do something a little more chunky to combine this trend with the still hot Deep French trend.


Try polka dots or raised embellishments

There’s certainly more than one way to add some nail art onto your mixed metal nails. You could give metallic polka dots a go over a different colored metal base, or try a theme like nighttime to add raised nail art in the form of stars or the moon. Just remember to make sure you choose metals that are clearly different shades so you can really see all that stunning art over the top.


A gradient mix can make a super chic mixed metal manicure

There’s also the option of blending your metal shades for a super glam nail look. One way to do this is by taking two metal shades and creating a gradient effect until one blends straight into the other. You could do this shiny effect over your whole nail, or just one section if you’re not looking to get too dramatic.


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